Malawi Cycling Team - Glasgow Commonwealth Games

A new link between Scotland and Malawi was forged this week.

Leonard Tsoyo and Missi Kathumba came to Glasgow from Malawi to compete in the 2014 Commonwealth Games. They took their bikes into a local independent shop; Billy Bilsland Cycles, for repairs. The staff had a look, then with true Scottish generosity provided them with professional quality cycles to use for the time-trial instead. In further support for Malawi, the bike shop has suggested that people who have heard about the story and want to do something could make donations to the Scotland Malawi Partnership, of which SMMHEP is a member.

Jude Bytheway, a supporter of cycling and SMMHEP was on the course. She took these photos of Leonard and Missi battling the road, the clock, and the Scottish weather.

If anyone wishes to have the photos for personal use feel free to download them. We'd be happy if you wanted to make a donation to SMMHEP or the Scotland Malawi Partnership in exchange.