Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Blantyre

Out Patient Clinics, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Blantyre

Three mornings a week, the Head of Department and SMMHEP volunteers run an outpatient walk-in clinic with two psychiatric nurses. The remainder of the week, the clinic is staffed by psychiatric nurses. Each week, the clinic treats between 100 and 150 patients and when necessary, admits patients to Zomba Mental Hospital. The Head of Department and SMMHEP volunteers also organize training sessions for the nurses and security personnel and conduct clinical audits.

Mental Health Users and Cares Association (MeHUCA)

MeHUCA Actor

Run by those who have or have had a mental illness, their carers and health workers, MeHUCA is the voice of those affected by mental illness in Malawi. Since 2010, this registered patient advocacy organization has promoted the welfare and rights of the mentally ill, fought discrimination and campaigned to raise awareness in the community.

So far MeHUCA operates in five districts in the Southern and Central regions of Malawi, and has run four major awareness campaigns in the past year. There remains a huge need to expand further, and the intention is to make full use of the media to promote MeHUCA’s activities. A number of members have recently received media campaign training and have been interviewed by popular Malawian media houses including The Daily Times and The Nation.