We are a small, Scottish-registered charity, run entirely by volunteers, both in Scotland and Malawi. It is managed by a Board of Trustees in co-ordination with a Management Committee and our primary funder is the Scottish government.

Management Committee


Madeline Osborn, FRCPsych.

Retired General Adult Psychiatrist, Edinburgh, Scotland

I trained in psychotherapy and general psychiatry in Scotland and England and have developed mental health services in both rural and deprived inner-city areas of the UK. My recent work has been with the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland and the Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland. I became involved with SMMHEP in 2011, since when I’ve developed a firm commitment to Malawi’s mental health services.


Douglas Blackwood.  FRCP, FRCPsych, FRSE

Emeritus Professor of Psychiatric Genetics, University of Edinburgh, Royal Edinburgh Hospital, Scotland.

I trained at the Maudsley Hospital and Institute of Psychiatry, London and was appointed Senior Lecturer in the Division of Psychiatry, University of Edinburgh in 1982, then professor of Psychiatric Genetics in 1998.

I am a key member of the Edinburgh psychiatric genetics group which established a Tissue Bank of DNA samples from over 7000 patients and relatives and contributed to large scale, genome-wide association and sequencing studies carried out by the Psychiatric Genomics Consortia (PGC) and the Wellcome Trust UK10K project. In family studies the Edinburgh group also identified several genes, including DISC1, implicated in psychiatric illness.

A trustee of SMMHEP since it was established as a charity in 2008 and a member of the management group, I have made several visits to the College of Medicine to teach on the MB BS course.  I helped set up the MMed (Psychiatry) curriculum in 2010 and have attended each of the annual Malawi Mental Health Conferences since their inception in 2010.


Dr Carol Robertson,

General Adult Psychiatrist in Aberdeen, Scotland

Involved with SMMHEP since 2008, I have been lucky enough to travel to Malawi many times to teach the undergraduates, I have also been part of the ECT training at times.  Prior to becoming Secretary, I was the volunteer co-coordinator for SMMHEP. My experience with the organization has widened my horizons both professionally and personally.  I never fail to learn from my trips to Malawi - from the students as well as the patients.  Contact with staff at Zomba and The College of Medicine has also significantly added to my enjoyment of my time in "The warm heart of Africa".  Volunteering can however have its challenges - and indeed would not be such a valuable experience if it did not. I would highly recommend to any colleagues the "Malawi Experience".


Dr Rob Stewart

Volunteer Coordinator

Dr Sarah Leslie, retired Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist


  • Dr Maddy Osborn (Chair)
  • Professor Douglas Blackwood (Treasurer)
  • Dr Carol Robertson (Secretary)
  • Dr Robert Stewart
  • Dr Sarah Leslie (Volunteer Coordinator)
  • Dr Lindsay Mizen (Social Media)
  • Dr David Crossley (Safeguarding)
  • Dr Sheila Gilfillan
  • Dr Jen Ahrens
  • Dr Jen Mutch
  • Dr Anita Ganai

Honorary Treasurer and Accounts Manager

  • Iain Macleod


  • Dr Chiwoza Bandawe

IT Support

  • Peter Falconer